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Radical Connection - An EnerChi Architect Group

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Sometimes the spaces we're looking for have to be created, and that's what Radical Connection is - A space that creates unique solutions through connection and new perspectives.

It feels more and more like Women are cheering each other on, celebrating together, collaborating instead of competing, and realizing connection is something we need and want. More of us are finding our individual voices, pursuing ourselves authentically, and finding out that there's plenty of room at the table for everyone - because we all have our unique experiences, mindsets, voices, and approaches. That's what Radical Connection is - a space where we come to the table as individuals and talk and reflect on what makes us unique, opening up understanding and perspective to create more unity and strength between all of us, because we're all stronger together. It's a combination of Radical Acceptance and creating connection through our uniqueness. Are you ready to show up, in all your truth, and build connection with other while witnessing theirs? Here we go.....


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