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Empower Yourself With The EnerChi Architect

Live Life Intentionally

Do you feel stuck? Alone? Overwhelmed? Everyone experiences hard times, but few effortlessly turn it into a starting point for a new life full of happiness. I'm here to apply my years of personal experience to helping you find your hidden potential and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow.


Thought-Based Approach

A new and invigorating energy is as simple as a change in your mindset, and your environment.

Do you need guidance to achieve your goals in life?  Does clarity and purpose seem to evade you?  Overthinking and control are the masters of overwhelm and procrastination. 
What if there was an easier way?

Meditation by the sea

Life Coaching

Learn How To Empower Yourself And
Make The Changes You Want

Green Eyed Girl

Relationship Coaching

Lean Into Your Authenticity To Radiate The Same Kind Of Energy You Want To Attract

Spa Stones

Learn How to Create an Environment Full of Positive and Restorative Energy

Improve Your Personal Energy By Surrounding Yourself With Things That Promote Inner Peace And Happiness


So, here’s the deal.  You’re amazing.  And we’ll talk more about that.  But ultimately YOU are responsible for the decisions, choices, and actions that will create the shift you’re looking for.  Wonderful things like free will, intuition, and gut instincts are a part of you.  And you will use those things as we go through this journey.  I’ll be here to guide, support, and empower you.  But I need you to know that by securing my services and viewing my content, you acknowledge that I’m not liable or responsible for making these things happen.

Thanks Babe!  Xoxo


About Me

For almost 20 years I've been helping people break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life.

With my high energy, contagious confidence, and natural ability to lead, I've been teaching women how to show up for themselves in BIG, unapologetic ways.  It's time to reclaim your power, live intentionally, and do so YOUR way, making your own rules as you go. 


I choose to live in a world where Women love themselves wholly.  I choose to live in a world where each Woman knows innately how Beautiful, Wonderful, Sexy, and Badass she is. 

I choose to live in a world where Women value their Self Love more than they value anyone else's Love. 

Mel Wells


You're Amazing. 
Let's Talk

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Empowered Souls

I can’t praise Rebecca highly enough!  She’s an absolute God send.  I’ve known her for years, but got a chance to leverage her skills about a year ago.  I was going through the ‘same old’ with a guy I knew wasn’t serving me or my goals.  He didn’t bring me closer to God either.  Both things are very important to me.  I wasn’t being truly MY self.  Rebecca FIRMLY and lovingly called me out.  She never judges but she asked enough questions to force me to see what she was.  I deeply appreciate the time she spent and the care she showed.  You see, it wasn’t just the questions; it was the knowledge that I was worth THAT.  She showed me that I was worth more than I’d been allowing.  Thank you from the bottom of my overflowing heart for the nudge I needed to be more authentic, and not accept less than I (and everyone else) deserve.  You’re going to change the world, one soul at a time!

Angelique B

Rebecca is a beautiful soul!  Our paths crossed on pure fate, directly in the middle of my soul searching.  She was able to direct my path with a wholesome heart, openness + no judgement.  She made me feel immediate comfort in sharing personal thoughts.  She is calm and direct in her responses. She is attentive and shows empathy in her listening.  Rebecca is well on her way to changing the world.

Lisa Bee, Chicago IL

Rebecca has an innate ability to find the positive in every situation.  Even with her own struggles, nothing seems to be able to disturb her inner peace; and that encourages everyone around her to do the same.

Lauren H., Grand Rapids, MI

By far one of my favorite Souls to share space with.  She just connects the Divine dots.  Less of a life coach and more of a spiritual hub or nucleus.  When you share space with this soul please be prepared to receive your true blessings. 

The Ener-Chi Architect dials into the core of you quickly, lovingly, and without judgement.  She wraps you in safe and vibrant energy and then goes to her work.  She will tune into your core message, help to blast through your personal roadblocks, and lend her light to help you discern your personal best course of action. 

Share space with this soul and witness the divine feminine ALL the way online and summoning the absolute best out of those lucky enough to share her space. 

Tiffany D